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Who We Are

The Sudd Institute is an independent research organization that conducts and facilitates research and training to inform public policy and practice, to create opportunities for discussion and debate, and to improve analytical capacity in South Sudan. The Sudd Institute’s intention is to significantly improve the quality, impact, and accountability of local, national, and international policy and decision-making in South Sudan in order to promote a more peaceful, just and prosperous society. Learn more »


In the News

The Sudd Institute Among Top 100 Think Tanks in Sub-Saharan Africa in 2020

2 February 2021
The Sudd Institute Among Top 100 Think Tanks in Sub-Saharan Africa in 2020

2020: The Year in Review

1 January 2021
2020: The Year in Review

Press Release:

6 May 2019


Recent Publications

Clearing the Dimming Vision of the Liberation of South Sudan: Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Independence

11 July 2021
This review is based on the author's presentation to the Roundtable convened by UNMISS in Juba on the 6-7 July...

Will the Impact of the Pandemic on the Expected National Output Persist?

3 June 2021
This weekly review contributes to the debate on how the COVID-19 induced hysteresis effects could affect growth in South Sudan.

What lessons could be drawn from the Kenyan High Court judgement on BBI for constitutional consolidation in South Sudan?

18 May 2021
The High Court of Kenya recently handed down a decision that reinforces the role of courts to protect the constitution...