The Intersection between the National Dialogue and the High-Level Revitalization Forum (HLRF)

Dates: 26 April 2018 – 26 April 2018

Location: 2:00 pm- 5:30 pm, Quality Hotel

Organizer: The Sudd Institute




Numerous attempts to end the conflict in South Sudan have been made but very few meaningful results have been realized. This is due to the fact that different processes have not been coordinated or they do not fall into a broader framework for peace in the country.


In a bid to promote a comprehensive understanding with respect to ensuring peace and stability in the country, the Sudd Institute is sponsoring a public lecture that will explore the intersection between the National Dialogue process and the High-Level Revitalizations Forum (HLRF) and proposing a framework for peace that merges the two processes.


The lecture is making a simple argument that neither the National Dialogue nor the HLRF has all the ingredients to resolve the conflict singlehandedly. Merging these two typical processes creates strong synergies that could produce a lasting solution to the conflict.


Abraham A. Awolich Senior Policy Analyst, The Sudd Institute



Hon. Dr. Dhieu Mathok, Minister of Energy and Dams, Transitional Government of National Unity


H. E. Joram M. Biswaro, Ambassador of African Union


Mr. Edmund Yakani, Executive Director, Community Empowerment for Progress Organization.




Prof. Mairi John Blackings, Registrar, University of Juba









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