Press Release: Isaiah Abraham's Assassination

Date: 10 December 2012


For Immediate Release

The Sudd Institute strongly condemns the assassination of Maj. Diing Chan Awuol, also known as Isaiah Abraham. The Institute sends its sincere condolences to the family and the South Sudanese people at large. Isaiah’s death saddened all of us at the Institute and all the peace-loving South Sudanese here and abroad. We are appalled by such a cowardice act and extreme intolerance to dissenting political opinions. This coldblooded murder of an opponent has no place in the South Sudanese traditions and cultures, and in the entire civilized world.


It is not clear who killed Isaiah Abraham, but the public opinion indicates that he was murdered because of his political opinions he expressed against the system. To this, whoever killed Isaiah Abraham must understand that the laws of this country do not permit this devilish act and grant freedom of expression to all the people of South Sudan, and that such freedom must be protected at all cost. As well, those who speak openly against the system love this country and its government, with those abhorring and against it being presently in arms in the bushes and trenches of South Sudan. 


In closing, the Institute urges the government to conduct a thorough investigation and apprehend those behind this heinous act in order to show the citizens that nobody is above the law. The government should take measures to protect journalists, bloggers, all citizens, and freedom of expression across this country.




The Sudd Institute

Juba, South Sudan



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