Cabinet needs improvement, says analyst

Author: Charlton Doki

Date: 6 August 2013


JUBA - An analyst in Juba says South Sudan’s new cabinet is neither regionally balanced nor does it meet the 25 percent quota allocated to women.

In several decrees, issued under Article 112 (1) of the Transitional Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan, and read on the state-owned SSTV, President Salva Kiir appointed the new cabinet on Wednesday night, July 31.

In a statement, Kiir said the downsizing would “create synergies, allow budgets to flow to high priority development projects and also allow for better management by dedicated civil servants”.Your Link

Charlton Doki spoke with Zachariah Diing Akol of the Sudd Institute, a local think tank, who says leadership needs to change not only the personnel, but the way the government operates as well the way decisions are made to ensure services are delivered effectively:


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