Peace and Reconciliation in South Sudan: A Conversation for Justice and Stability

The Sudd Institute

Organization: The Sudd Institute

Type: Special Reports

Date: 06/06/2013


Publication Summary

Popular sentiment in South Sudan appears to favor a reconciliation process, but questions remain regarding what issues such a process would tackle, how it might be conducted, and who should carry it out. This special report addresses these concerns using information and opinions gathered from interviews with community leaders, youth, and women’s activists who are members of various civil society associations. In addition, we interviewed ordinary citizens, government officials, prominent politicians, civic activists and religious leaders, people who were involved in previous localized peace and reconciliation efforts in different corners of the country before independence, and we reviewed documents that these initiatives produced. What these sources have revealed is the importance of building on these earlier initiatives and widening the consultations in order for the process to enjoy a wider buy-in from the citizens. The sources and interviews have also shown some of the approaches to reconciliation that the citizens believe would be more productive. 


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