Visiting Research Fellows

Dr. Jane Kani Edward, Gender Fellow

July - August 2013


In July 2013 the Sudd Institute inaugurated its first Visiting Research Fellowship. The Fellow, Dr. Jane Kani Edward, will be researching gender and peace issues in South Sudan. In addition to her research, Dr. Edward, will work with the Sudd Institute to develop the Institute's Gender, Peace and Security framework for future research.


Dr. Edward's research at the Sudd Institute will focus first on theorizing gender configurations in South Sudan, both male and female, and outlining the challenges women face in the country. Special attention will be paid to women's access to customary and formal justice systems and women's participation in politics and state decision making processes. She will make recommendations on how to develop gender-sensitive policies to address these challenges.


This is the first Visiting Fellowship at the Institute. Sudd plans to continue the Visiting Research Fellows program, inviting South Sudanese scholars of different area expertise to work with the Institute.


Ole Frahm, Visiting Scholar

Ole Frahm is a visiting scholar at Sudd Institute. He is currently finishing his PhD project in political science at Humboldt University Berlin. The focus of his research is on analysing and contrasting the South Sudanese experience in post-conflict statebuilding and nationbuilding to the development trajectory of other post-colonial states in Africa.


While at Sudd, Ole's research focuses particularly on the contested issues of land rights, the national reconciliation process and the role of local government vis-à-vis traditional authorities.