The Impact of Public Spending on Infant and Under-five Health in South Sudan

Author: Augustino Ting Mayai

Organization: American Journal of Medical Research

Type: External

Date: 25/03/2016

Keyword(s): child health, demography, early age mortality, health spending, multilevel mixed-effects, South Sudan, state effectiveness


ABSTRACT. Using nationally representative household sample survey, census, and state financial data, this analysis examines the relationship between child health and per capita health spending in South Sudan. The nexus between public health spending and health outcomes lends insights into state effectiveness in service delivery.

The Sudd Institute

Sporadic Fuel Crisis in South Sudan: Causes, Impacts, and Solutions

Authors: Nyathon Hoth Mai, Nhial Tiitmamer, Augustino Ting Mayai

Organization: The Sudd Institute

Type: Special Reports

Date: 03/03/2016

Keyword(s): South Sudan


South Sudan has encountered waves of periodic fuel crisis since 2011. The government has attempted quick-fix measures, but the crisis has continued unabated. Despite a number of speculations surrounding this matter, however, the actual causes and impacts are not necessarily well understood.

The Sudd Institute

The Impacts of Violence on Education in South Sudan

Authors: Hollyn Hammond, Augustino Ting Mayai

Organization: The Sudd Institute

Type: Policy Briefs

Date: 01/07/2014

Keyword(s): Education, South Sudan, Violence, Impacts


Basic education is a fundamental economic necessity, but circumstances such as armed violence often make its effective provision quite grim. This is particularly pertinent in South Sudan where the delivery of social services has been greatly undermined by a recent violence.